Home to more than 3,500 titles, Steam is a great place to discover exciting new games. Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is now on the journey to becoming one of those games, and we'd like your help!


To become a part of the Steam library, games must be voted for by members of the Steam community in a section called Greenlight, where players can say whether they would play the game or not.


If Astro Lords gathers enough support it could be added to Steam, providing a new source of players (over 100 million potential friends or enemies!) along with new opportunities and challenges.


If you're a Steam member, we would greatly appreciate it if you could visit Astro Lords: Oort Cloud on Steam Greenlight and click "Yes" to show your support.



Astro Lords on Steam Greenlight


Press contact

Have questions about Astrolords or would like to take interview, contact press@astrolords.com